Assuming responsibility for a Business Role

If your school manages permissions for a business role, you can add permissions or remove permissions from that role.

However, we don't recommend assuming responsibility for permission management. This is because we sometimes need to make changes to the default permissions included in a business role. Any business roles managed by your school won't be updated.

If your school has responsibility for managing a Business Role, you can see the actions you'll need to take here: Are we notified of updates if we edit the permissions for a business role?

How can I check if a business role is managed by us or Arbor?

Go to School > Users and Security and select a business role.

The Business Role Overview page allows the Leadership team to edit a particular business role and the permissions associated with it. Here the Business Role can also be re-named if required.

  • If the role is managed by Arbor, the Permissions management field will say Managed by Arbor
  • If the role is managed by your school, the Permissions management field will say Managed by your school name



How can we manage the permissions for a business role?

To assume responsibility for permissions management of a business role, click into the Permissions management field.

Click the red Assume responsibility for permissions button, then confirm the changes in the pop up.



The page will then show that the permissions for this role are managed by your school.



How can we change the business role to be managed by Arbor again?

If you've made a mistake or want us to manage permissions for the business role again, please get in touch with our Support Team via email.

Contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor with details of the business role you would like us to assume responsibility again for.

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