I don't have access and need more permissions

In Arbor, access to different pages, and the ability to action different tasks on pages (such as clicking a button) are based on what permissions you have. You can read more about permissions here: What are Business Roles and Permissions in Arbor?

  • This means that if you can't access a page, you'll need to be given additional permissions.
  • If you can't click a certain button on a page, hovering over the button will show you an explanatory tooltip.

You can ask someone at your school to follow the instructions in this article to check your access using the URL in the tool tip: Check a staff member user's access to different pages or buttons.

They can then assign you permission if required using these instructions.



Please note that the Arbor Support Team is not able to change your access, permissions or business role on your behalf. Someone at your school will need to do this for you.

If you're the Arbor Champion (the first person to be given access to your Arbor site), please contact your Customer Onboarding Manager.

  • If you're a Primary, click Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre, and select Onboarding, migration and moving to Arbor.
  • If you're not a primary, please contact your Customer Onboarding Manager directly.
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