Change what shows on the Student Portal

When students log into the Student Portal, they can see some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on their homepage:

  • Attainment (Formative assessment)
  • Progress (Summative assessment)
  • Attendance for the year
  • Behaviour point award scales



Student Portal settings

The KPIs on the student portal homepage are controlled by the same settings as for the Parent Portal. This means that if you switch any of these things off on your Parent Portal, they also won't show on the Student Portal.



You can see how to adjust the settings here: Parent Portal and Parent App Settings


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  • The wording of the 'Parent App' Settings is really misleading. If the settings cover both the Parent App and the Student App, should they not just be renamed 'App Settings'?

  • Hi Richard, thanks for your comment! We originally named this page because it controlled the Parent Portal settings before we had an app for guardians and a Student Portal. To submit your suggestion of how we could improve this, please add your feedback here.

  • Just adding what Richard states, this is really confusing - and also not useful.

    The student app needs its own settings page, not tied to the parent app. There might be things we want to show for parents and not students (and vice versa).

    Also, where are the Student App Usage Stats?

  • Hi James, we don't currently have a page for Student Portal Usage Statistics. 

    However, we're always looking for ways to improve our offering. 

    So that our product team receives your feedback, it would be really helpful if you could add your thoughts about the Student Portal here.


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