What are the SEN Statuses of N, E and K?

To record a student as a student with SEN, you need to give them an SEN Status. They will then appear as a student with SEN for reporting, and on the list of students with SEN.

You can see how to add an SEN status here: Adding SEN (Special Educational Need) for a student

For the Census, these statuses correspond to different codes that are output in the census:

  • Education, Health and Care Plan - E
  • Monitoring - N
  • No Special Educational Need - N
  • SEN Support - K

If no SEN status is set, this will also be output as N in the census.

It is not possible to add additional custom SEN Statuses.

Any students with SEN statuses that map to N are not counted as students with SEN, and so will be excluded from SEN statistics.

Statement (S) Sen Status code

The Statement SEN Status (output as the S code) is no longer in use.

If you have any students with this SEN Status, you should change this to another status.

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