Provision mapping for students with SEN

Arbor's Interventions area can be used for provision mapping and SEN monitoring.

We also have a one-way integration with Edukey (ProvisionMap) via Wonde or Groupcall - you can see how to set this up here.

How can we do provision mapping in Arbor?

In Arbor, intervention costs can be allocated to students and records of intervention reviews can be stored. You can get an overview of interventions in Arbor here: Interventions in Arbor

To use provision mapping, you'll first need to set up interventions - you can see how to do this here: Setting up an Intervention

Once these have been set up you can use our provision mapping tool to monitor the costings for your SEN children: How do I analyse Provision Mapping?

How can we log and measure progress?

Outcomes in the Intervention area work slightly differently to how they do for SEN event outcomes.

To track how your students with SEN are progressing in Interventions, you can set outcomes, for example 'at the end of the year this student should reach a reading age of 7.0'.

To enable you to set outcomes like this, you will have needed to set up assessments that will track students against whatever you want to measure. For the example above, you will have needed to set up a reading age assessment in Arbor and added your students with SEN to it.

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