Arbor Continuity Recommendations

We often get asked what schools should do as part of their continuity plans in relation to Arbor. This article gives you some suggestions for ensuring you have access to key student and staff information should profiles be unavailable.

In this article we'll cover:

  • Built-in reports 
  • Create a Key Information report
  • Schedule the report via email to open in excel
  • Create a Live Feed of the report in Google Sheets


Built-In Reports

Emergency Printable Register we recommend all schools download a copy of this in the morning so it's available if required. 

For Primary Schools you can use Weekly Printable Register by Registration Form, which should automatically populate the current week. You can access this by going to Students > Attendance > Reports > Weekly Printable Register by Registration Form. This will generate a PDF containing all of the registers which you could email or store in a secure online folder. 

For Secondaries if you want a register for each scheduled lesson we suggest using Printable Lesson Registers. You can access by going to Students > Attendance > Reports > Printable Lesson Registers and input the end date of next week, this will generate a PDF containing all of the registers which you could email or store in a secure online folder.   


Accessing Key Student and Staff Data

To make sure you always have a central backup of student emergency contact details, medical conditions and dietary requirements we’ve attached a ‘Weekly Master Student BackUp’ report. We would recommend that this report is either put into a live feed or emailed weekly to your Headteacher and/or SLT. 

We have also created a document for staff containing medical conditions, dietary requirements, next of kin and contact details.

If there are other fields you would like to add you can edit the report once you’ve uploaded the template into your Arbor. 

To import this into your Arbor click the link at the bottom of the article to download our Weekly Master Student Back up template to your computer.

Please note

There's no need to open the file, all you need to do is save it.


Go to School > Custom Report Writer. Click the Create New Report button, then select the option to Import a Report.



Click Browse to select the template file from your computer, then click Upload



Please note

Don't worry that your file has 'fakepath' in its name. This is a completely safe file and this naming convention is used to protect the identity of the computer it was uploaded from. 


Sending out the report

It’s up to you if you want to create the report as an email or live feed, you'll see instructions for both below. 

Creating a live feed from the report

To create a live feed from the report select to download the table as a Live Feed.

In the pop-up, choose the feed name. and copy the URL text. This will be the text you’ll use to create the sheet.



In your new Google Sheet, click into the cell you want your data to start from and in the formula box put

=IMPORThtml("URL", "table",1)

Then you need to replace URL with the URL you copied. Then press your enter key. 



After a few moments, you should be able to see your data.

As part of your continuity plan, you should copy the data from the live feed into a separate sheet and paste 'values only'. We suggest you determine the frequency at which you undertake this activity within your school's business continuity plan. 


Emailing the report

Select Schedule Report from the left-hand menu.

Select the report to run on the day you require and choose the first day to run the report and the time. Choose a staff member to email or add an email address to email. You can then choose the message and schedule the email to be sent to the selected recipients.



The person who the email has been sent to will need to open the attachment to see the student data.


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