Query 2576Q and Error 2578

You'll get this error and query in your census if the student's enrolment information doesn't match their attendance information.



Step 1 - Change the leaving date

First, change the student's unenrolment date to the last good school day.

This is usually the last day of term that doesn’t include any holidays or inset days, the last day there are registers for.

You can see how to do this here: Editing a student's leaving date


Step 2 - Check the student's enrolment

If either error/query still flags, this may be due to blank marks recorded for the student, such as if you stopped inputting attendance marks for the student before they were unenroled.

You'll need to either:

  • End the enrolment earlier to remove the blank marks by following the instructions linked above
  • Add in attendance marks for the child if they were attending from the Attendance > Marks (By Date) section of their student profile
  • Add a note to COLLECT on submission


Step 3 - Check if the student is dual registered

If the student is attending another school and hasn't been added to classes at your school, they won't have attendance marks. 

You won't be able to record D marks for them, so you won't be able to clear query 2576 in this case, and will need to add a note to COLLECT on submission of your census.

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