How do we migrate events?

We migrate the event type, timetable slots, location, schedule (times), staff and students assigned to the event from SIMs only.

If you have moved from SIMS and want to edit events, or you've moved from another MIS and want to schedule events for staff or student timetables, follow these instructions.

We migrate registration events that were stored as class attendance or statutory roll call attendance. You may see that you can't take attendance for or see past attendance for registration events because they were set up as events. You'll need to set them up as a course and remove the events to prevent timetable clashes.

We do not migrate events other than lessons (such as non-contact activities) from any other MIS providers. For example, from Progresso, we only migrate 'Timetable' type events, not meetings etc.

Please note that there is different guidance for Medical Notes here: Migrated Dietary requirements, Medical Conditions, Events and Notes

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