Creating and managing events

Please note: This article covers events such as sports days, bake sales etc. You won't be able to use events for standard school timetabled sessions such as classes, interventions etc.


What permissions do you need?

  • School: Action: Calendar: Administer - Create, edit or delete any events for staff, students and guardians.
  • Staff profile: Action: Calendar: Administer - Create, edit or delete any events for staff.
  • Student profile: Action: Calendar: Administer All/My Students - Create, edit or delete any events for students and associated guardians.

To find out how to give a staff member permission to action events, take a look at our section on Roles and Permissions.


Creating an event

From the Calendar

To create an event from the calendar, go to your calendar by clicking in your calendar on the Homepage, or by going to My Items > My Calendar.



On our calendar, click the time slot where you would like to add the event.


From the Arbor Dashboard

From your Homepage, select Create Event from your Quick Actions menu.



Fill in the slide over with the event details. If it is a single event, fill in the details in the Single School Event section. If it is an event that will repeat, fill in the details in the Recurring School Event section.

Please note: You can only add one location for an event, so if the time will be split between rooms you may wish to set up multiple events.

When you are happy with the event, click the right button. In this example, I'm creating a single event, so would click the Create school event button.





To add participants, you can also click the green + button and select participants on this slide over.



The event will then appear in all participant's calendars on their Homepage, and on their My Calendar page. 



Navigating to the Event Overview

I am a participant in the event

Please note, to be able to edit, delete or remove the event straight from your calendar, you must have added yourself as a participant.

Just click the event in your calendar to access the Event Overview.



On the Event Overview, you can see event details, upload attachments and see a list of participants.


I am not a participant in the event but the event has participants

If you did not add yourself to the event, you can instead go to the calendar of a staff member or student who is a participant of the event and edit the event from there. 

You can check who is in an event by going to School > Timetable > All Events (List). You can filter for event types and dates using the filters at the top of the page.



As you can see, a person participating in the Emergency Meeting is Abbie Patel. You can then go to her Staff Profile and click the Calendar from the menu on the left-hand side to see the event.



Click the event in the calendar to reach the Event Overview where you can edit or delete the event.

I am not a participant in the event and the event has no participants

If you forgot to add any participants to an event and would like to edit or delete the event, you will need to contact the Arbor Customer Success Team by email at We will delete the event for you, then you will have to set up the event correctly.



Editing or Deleting an event

Editing the event

On the Event Overview, you can edit any information with an arrow next to it. To edit event details, select a field in the School Event Details section and update the information in the slide over.


Removing a participant

To remove a participant, click their name.



In the slide over, click the Remove participant button.



Please note, you can only remove participants if they were added individually. If they were added as part of a group, they cannot be deleted. To remove these users you would have to delete the event and create a new one.


Adding new participants

To add a new participant or group of participants, click +Add


Deleting the event

To delete the school event, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Cancel School Event button.



In the slide over, click the Cancel school event button again. This will cancel it for all participants.


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