Prior attainment - Errors 3000, 3005, 3010, 3015, 3046, 3047 and queries 3020Q, 3030Q

Prior attainment details of the highest grade achieved in the previous year for Maths GCSE and English GCSE must be recorded from the Students > All Students > Bulk Update > GCSE Attainment for Funding page. Take a look here for full instructions: Adding prior attainment for English and Maths

Before you resolve the errors

Students need a ULN before we are able to output the prior attainment data in the census. Check all students have this - you can see how to set them here: Bulk adding ULNs

Prior attainment errors

Remember, errors must be resolved in order to submit your census successfully.

3000, 3005, 3010 or 3015

You must specify their Prior attainment details of the highest grade achieved for Maths GCSE and English GCSE. You may encounter messages like this in your DfE validations section as errors 3000, 3005, 3010 or 3015.

  • Attainment grade is missing or invalid
  • The stage at which achieved a grade A*-C/9-4 or not is missing or invalid

Follow the guidance in the article linked above to fill in this information.

3046 or 3047

English/Maths GCSE highest prior attainment grade for the previous year is missing or invalid.

These errors appear when the grade at last census is blank. Ensure that the grade at last census for both GCSE English and GCSE Maths contains a mark.

If their grade has not changed, you will still need to input their grade at last census as the same.

Please note that this will not automatically carry over from previous years. You will need to add in this information for each year - use the academic year drop-down menu to change between years.



Prior attainment queries 3020 and 3030

You may also encounter post-16 queries in your DfE validations section, such as the ones shown below. Queries do not have to be resolved, but if you do not resolve them, you will need to supply a reason why they should remain when submitting your census to COLLECT using the notepad entries.

Queries 3020 and 3030 arise when the student has been given a prior attainment grade and the student has not had a funding exemption recorded. Arbor automatically outputs any funding exemptions not recorded as 'None' (N), so:

  • If this information is correct, you need not do anything here but will need to provide an explanation to COLLECT.
  • If the information is incorrect, correct the data following these instructions: Adding prior attainment for English and Maths
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