Adding prior attainment for English and Maths

For the Autumn School Census, prior attainment details of the highest grade achieved in the previous year for Maths GCSE and English GCSE must be recorded. This can be added from our Students > All Students > Bulk Update > GCSE Attainment for Funding page at any time.


You’ll need the School: General Admin: Administer permission to access this area. If you don’t have permission, ask your office team to give it to you using these instructions.


Adding Prior Attainment

If you have any post-16 students you’ll need to record their prior attainment in English and Maths for the last two years. You’ll need to check and update any attainment that has changed.

  • For last year, if you’ve done a census with us before, we may have been able to pull this information in for you. If this information hasn’t pulled through, you’ll need to update it manually (shown below).
  • For this year there are two ways to update this information. If you use the Learning Records Service we can pull in the information from there. Select the students then add in your username and password.



We advise attempting the import from LRS option first, as importing from LRS will wipe any other information input on this page.



You can also add individual grades by clicking a student’s name, or add this in bulk by ticking students and using the Bulk action button.

  • Grade - The student's grade. For English, select the grade or No grade recorded if the student took an equivalent qualification.
  • Achievement - Has the student qualified in GCSE Maths to the national standard by the end of Year 11?
  • Funding exemption - Indicates if the student has taken an alternative equivalent qualification, or is exempt from needing the qualification in order to receive funding.For more guidance on what value you should put in this field, see the DfE’s guidance.
  • Previous grade - The grade reported for the student in the last Autumn school census.




Which schools need to fill in this information?

This information is required for the Autumn School Census, for schools that have a post-16 as part of their school.

Why have exam results not pulled through?

If you have recently moved to Arbor, you may have records of a student's past exam results in the Examinations section or recorded as an assessment.

The GCSE Prior Attainment fields in Arbor aren't linked to the Exams section, so English/Maths attainment information will need to be entered on the page detailed above.

Do we record details for English Literature or Language?

  • The Grade collected should be the highest achieved out of the two grades for Literature and Language. This also applies to the Funding Exemption and Previous Grade fields.
  • The Achievement field pertains to whether the student has the grade for English Language only.

So you may have a student a Grade as 5, but the Achievement as Learner does not have GCSE English Language (at grade A*-C/9-4) because the Grade was for Literature.

Do we need to add a funding exemption?

If you don’t add in a funding exemption, this will be output in your census as no exemption. Queries 3020 and 3030 arise when completing your census when the student has been given a prior attainment grade and the student has not had a funding exemption recorded. You can see how to resolve these here

Can we add prior attainment for other subjects?

It isn't possible to record prior attainment here for other subjects. You would need to record these in an Assessment.

Which students appear on the GCSE Attainment for Funding page?

If you have a student appear on this page who is not part of your post-16, this will be because of their age. The GCSE attainment for funding page shows 16-year-olds as of the beginning of the current academic year. This means that students who are retaking year 11, or who are out of age cohort will show on this page.

You can't remove students from this page or manually add an indication in Arbor that they are not part of the post-16 setting. However, we won't return prior attainment for students not in year 12 or 13 in the census, so you can just ignore this student on the page and they won't be returned in your census.

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