How can we make sure the font size is the same across all report cards?

If your staff paste in text with inconsistent formatting or change the formatting of their comments, your report cards will have a mix of font styles.

Because of this, we recommend staff follow these tips when completing report cards:

  • Do not change the font or font size when adding Report Card comments
  • When pasting in comments, select Ctrl+Shift+V (on windows) or Paste and Match Style (on a Mac) rather than Paste to remove formatting from the text being pasted to bring it in line with the default settings
  • Try using snippets

If you need to reset the report card formatting, go to your report card and click the grey Reformat Comments button.

Please note that:

  • This will strip all formatting from the report cards, including bullet points, bolding, underlining, font size, colour and type changes.
  • Paragraph breaks created by clicking Enter will be removed, but line breaks created by clicking Shift + Enter will remain.


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