The Ad Hoc Assessment isn't showing on the Report Card

If you're wanting to include Ad Hoc assessments in your Report Cards, you'll need to ensure the date range set on the General Attainment Settings tab overlaps with the assessment period you want to use.

You can check the date for the attainment setup in your Report Card settings by going to Students > Assessments > Report Cards > Your selected report card > Attainment.



You can check the dates overlap by going to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Assessment Periods and selecting the period type your ad hoc assessment uses.



The dates are set correctly in the Attainment tab but the downloaded report cards don't show the Ad Hocs?

If your dates are correct but you still don't see the ad hoc assessment in your report cards, check that you've entered assessment data into the ad hoc assessments for that assessment period. 

If you haven't entered the data yet you won't see the assessment when you download the report. You'll only see the assessment when you click on View/Edit Report Card in the Report Cards tab. 



If you've checked the dates and the marksheets, but the Ad-Hoc still isn't showing, it's worth checking the following things.

Check the Ad-Hoc has been linked with the report card

This can be done by heading to the Attainment section of the report card and scrolling down to Ad-Hoc Assessments. If the Ad-Hoc has not been added you can click +Add to add it.



Check the Ad-Hoc setup

The assessment strategy that your Ad-Hoc has been set up with can cause the Ad-Hoc to not appear. To check the mark type, go to Students > Assessments > Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue.

Select the Setup tab and select the applicable Ad-Hoc assessment. You will then be able to see the mark type the Ad-Hoc has been set up with.



  • If the Ad-Hoc shouldn't be linked with the courses and should be a stand-alone mark, we recommend you set up the Ad-Hoc again and select Single Mark as the marking strategy. We have a guide here that explains how to set this up. 
  • If the Ad-Hoc has been set up with One Mark Per Course, this means that the Ad-Hoc is linked with the course. You will need to ensure that courses have been linked in the Attainment tab of the Report Card setup.


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