Week-on-week weekly attendance report

In this article, we'll show you how to create a report so you can compare attendance for each week for every week so far this academic year.

If you instead want to run an attendance report of just the past week, you can use our Weekly Attendance Report by Year Template.


Follow our guidance for Creating a report in Custom Report Writer to create a new report about Students.



When you get to the Columns step, add the Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Present) field to the right-hand column.



In the slide over, select a Custom date range and set it to the first week of term.



Repeat this for each week of the academic year so far. Once you've added them all, you can click Skip setup wizard.



Add in any groupings you need, for example, if you want to view the attendance broken down into year groups rather than for individual students.



Then click to view your report - you can then share it or download it.



Please note that each week, you will need to add a new column as we cannot do this automatically.


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