Purchasing School Shop items on the Parent Portal or Parent App

You can purchase School Shop items using the Parent Portal or Parent App once your school makes the items available.

If you are unable to purchase an item, please contact your school. They will need to follow these instructions.

Please note that:

  • once you have purchased an item, you will need to contact your school if you would like a refund.
  • you won't be sent an email or confirmation of your purchase, but you can see which items you've been invoiced for.
On the Parent Portal On the Parent App

You can either:

  • From the main Parent Portal page, scroll down to School Shop section.
  • Click School Shop in your Quick Actions.
  • Click on the child's name and select School Shop from the left-hand menu.




The School Shop page will list any items that can be purchased for the child. Click on an item.



Enter the number of items you wish to buy, then click Buy product.



If you are trying to purchase more than the maximum number of items available per student, please contact your school to add this manually for you.



If the item is free for your child, click Order. You can add a note for your school if needed.



If you need to pay for the item, click Pay now, or select to add the payment to your basket to pay later - see how the basket works here. You can add a note for your school if needed.

Top Tip: Can't click the button? Follow this article: I can't click the button to pay?



Add the card details - Arbor accepts Visa or Mastercard only. You may also be asked to provide authentication.



If the item has since become sold out, you'll be told this and you won't be able to pay.



To view your purchased items, return to your homepage, then select the student.



Go to Quick Actions > Payments > Invoices from the left-hand menu, where you can see the purchases.

It'll either show 'Status: Paid' in green text, or 'Status: Issued' or 'Status: Cancelled' in black text.


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