Recording School Time for Weekly Hours Open

Schools should include details of how many compulsory hours a week they are open for in their Spring School Census. For more information from the DfE about what data is required and when, please see the DfE's Census Data Items guidance.

Recording your hours

Go to School > School Details and click into the Weekly Hours Open field.

Add in the hours in a 00:00 format, then click Save Changes. For example, 25 hours and 30 minutes should be input at 25:30, not 25.50.



What to do if you have errors or queries in your census

As outputting details of your hours in voluntary, you have two options if you have errors in your census. You can either:

  1. Delete all the information you have recorded to remove the errors.
  2. Resolve issues in the data - you can see how to do this here.
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