Autumn Census Post-16 Report

The Autumn School Census is particularly important for schools with Post-16, as the Learning Aims recorded are used to determine the funding they receive.

You may enlist the help of a 3rd party company to help you determine how much funding you're receive, based on the data you'll be submitting. You can generate a report from in Arbor to check yourselves, or send to a 3rd party.

Top Tip: A similar report is also available on submission or resubmission of your census in COLLECT.


You'll need the School: Data Returns: Administer permission to access the census and download the report. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Generating the report

Go to School > Data > Export > Data Returns and select the Autumn School Census.



Click the Download Post-16 Report button on the right-hand side.



This will then download to your default downloads file on your computer.



You can open this report for further analysis, or send this report to a data checking provider.




Which schools can see this button?

To be able to access the Post-16 Report, your school needs to be one of these phases:

  • Secondary
  • All-Through
  • Middle Deemed Secondary
  • Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)

This is based on what your school has put as their phase in the School Phase field on the School > School Details page.

Which census is this available for?

This report is only available within the Autumn School Census, as the majority of Post-16 specific data is collected and submitted in this census.

What data is included in the report?

The report will contain data included in your most recently generated census, so you can send the data for the exact generation you want to review.

It includes data on learning hours, prior attainment and learning aims. There is no official specification for the included data, but if you have any feedback you can see our submission process here.

Can we resubmit our census?

If any issues with your data are flagged using the report or in COLLECT's reports, you can return to Arbor and correct these. You can then regenerate your census, and re-submit it if needed.

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