Why is the Meals or Part Time Students section missing from our Census?

Certain information needs to be input using the left-hand menu in the Census.

What are the pages?


  • For the Autumn and Summer Censuses, this section will only show if you have Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 students at your school.
  • For Spring Censuses, this area will show for all schools, but the information you need to input varies depending on the students at your school.

Part Time Students

This section will only show if you have nursery students at your school.

What if it's missing?

Missing page

If the entire page is missing, check whether you have any of the year groups required by going to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups. For example, Secondary schools won't see the Part Time Students page because they don't have nursery students.

Missing year group on the page

If you have a year group missing from the page, you'll need to check your settings. For example, if the Meals page only shows Year 1 and 2 but not Reception.

Go to Students > Enrolment > Year Groups and click on the missing year group. Add a Curriculum grade. Regenerate your census and the year group will then be added to the census page.


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