PRU or Alternative Provision indicators

Only PRU and AP schools need to add this information for the Spring Census:

  • Child mother indicator - Whether a pupil referral unit or alternative provision has provision for child mothers.
  • Teenage mother places - How many places for teenage mothers a pupil referral unit or alternative provision has.
  • Childcare facilities indicator - Whether the pupil referral unit or alternative provision has childcare facilities.

Check your school phase

Ensure your School Phase is set to the right phase in School > School Details. If this is not set correctly, you won't see the sections below.



Add Child mother indicator and Childcare facilities indicator

You'll then be able to add your indicators from the same page. Click to add whether you do or do not have places.



Add Teenage mother places

To add this, go to School > Data > Export > Data Returns and select your census. Click the School Census button.



Go to Teen Mother Places from the left-hand menu and click on the field to update it.



Add in the number of teenage mothers attending the PRU in the week of the Census, then click Save Changes. Then regenerate your census so the information pulls through.


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