Our Training has Moved to the Arbor Training Hub

The Arbor Training Hub is your go-to place for all your onboarding training, resources such as recordings of previous webinars plus links to live training sessions.

Click here to access the Arbor Training Hub: https://arbor-education.learnupon.com/


How does it work?

When it is launched to your school, you will receive login details via email.  

Simply use the email address you use to log into your MIS and enter the temporary password received in your email. If you cannot log in with the password provided, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link on the log in screen.



If you are not prompted to change your password when you log in, you will be able to change your password in your profile section once logged in. Click on your profile image (or initials) in the top right hand corner, click View My Profile, then Change Password.



Once you are logged in you will find all your Training Courses on your Dashboard.

Start with the Everything you need to know about the Training Hub section to learn how to navigate the Hub and complete your courses.


I don't have access to the Training Hub

If you do not have access to the Arbor Training Hub yet, we would recommend emailing training@arbor-education.com and we will arrange for you to be given a username and password. Alternatively, your School Arbor Champion/Project Lead will have been asked to share your details with us so we can create you an account. 


Onboarding Training

Once you have completed the course names Everything you need to know about the Training Hub course (which will show you how to use the Hub and book your courses), you're ready to register for and join live Training Sessions directly in the training Hub.

The onboarding training is broken down into individual modules, making it easier to book and attend - staff have the freedom to choose which modules they want to attend and when from our schedule of onboarding training. Registration for each training session closes 60 min before the session is due to start.

You can see the onboarding training schedule here.

We also have a recommendation on which sessions you should attend before you Go Live and start using Arbor here.

Please note

If you do not attend the live training session you are registered for, you can rebook the live training session, but you will not be able to access the resources or complete the rest of the training course until you have attended the live training session. 




1-1 Training (Behaviour, Assessments)

You can book your 1-1 sessions (for example, Assessments, Behaviour or any Pick n Mix training sessions) on the Arbor Training Hub. If you have already purchased a service it will display on your Dashboard. If you would like to purchase a session click “request” to let us know you would like to purchase this. 



Once you start your course you will have the option to click on our booking link to book a slot with one of the Training Team. 


After the session, you will be asked to leave feedback to receive your training certificate. All resources and recordings will be sent to you directly by the trainer following your session. 


I need help with using the Training Hub

If you have any questions regarding your training please send us an email at training@arbor-education.com.

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