Arbor Foundations: Payments Setup and Management

Aimed at Business Managers and/or Finance Managers, this course will guide you through setting up your system for card payments and managing your accounts and balances.

Delivered in the Arbor Foundations style, you will learn alongside other schools online as well as having access to resources via the Arbor Training Hub.

Session Title Description/Content Approx Duration Recommended Attendees
Payments Setup Setting up accounts and card payments, adding school bank accounts and setting initial account balances. 45 mins Business Manager, Officer Manager, Finance Manager
Managing Payments Account overview, payee account details & balances, viewing payee details on the student profiles, creating a new invoice, cancelling invoices, topping up and refunding accounts, creating a credit note, managing payments and reconciliation reports. 30 mins Business Manager, Officer Manager, Finance Manager
Payments Q&A 15 mins Business Manager, Officer Manager, Finance Manager


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Additional Information

Permissions required for this training:

To be able to complete the actions demonstrated in the training you will need the following permissions:

  • To complete any of the setup required to use card payments, you must have the Finance: Administer permission. 

  • To be able to top up accounts other than your own, you must have the Finance: Administer permission.

  • To be able to see all the information about card payments in Arbor, you must have the Finance: View permission. 

If you don't have these permissions, you'll need to ask your admin team to assign them to you using these instructions.

Useful guides related to this training:

Setting up Card Payments in Arbor
Card Payment Authentication
Payments FAQs


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