Getting Started with Arbor & Teacher Essentials Training

Share these videos with your wider school team and Teaching Staff to help familiarise themselves with Arbor. A description of each video is listed below.

Getting started with Arbor

Aimed at all Arbor MIS users, this course will introduce you to Arbor and explain how to get support if needed.

You will explore the Arbor Navigation menus, how to access and understand your home Dashboard and KPIs, and get top tips from the trainers.

Teacher Essentials for Teaching Staff

This course will show teachers how to get started on Arbor and perform their essential day-to-day tasks. This is not directed at admin or SLT roles.

After completing this course, Teachers will be able to access and navigate Lesson Overviews, locate and navigate Student and Guardian Profiles, log Calls, Letters and Meetings, send and receive Guardian Communications

Lesson Overview

Meal Choices for Primary Schools

Taking Attendance

Profile Management

Sending Communications

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