Creating Test Clubs and Trips

We highly recommend you DO NOT create test or dummy clubs or trips on your school site. You should only create clubs and trips that will be going ahead - to learn more on how to create these, please see our articles:

If a test or 'dummy' activity has been created and is only used for testing or troubleshooting purposes, this can create issues such as:

Incorrect Data recorded

Once a student has been added to attend a club or trip, the information linked to the club or trip will be recorded on the student profile. This is visible via Student Profile > Activities > Club/Trips. This cannot be removed.

The Club or Trip is available for parents to book

Once the club or trip has been created (depending on the settings) it may become available to parents and guardians on the Arbor App and Parent Portal, allowing them access to book and pay for the activity. You will run the risk of potential sign-ups and payments made.

The Club or Trip cannot be deleted


Once the club has been created, you will NOT be able to delete this If:

  • Any attendance marks have been recorded for any of the club sessions.
  • Any invoices are linked to the club either from making a payment or selecting the sign-up option.
  • Any trips have been linked to the club.


Once the trip has been created, you will NOT be able to delete this if students have signed up for the trip (even if the sign-up was refunded or cancelled).

Guardian consultations may not be able to be booked

If a staff member has been assigned to a trip on the same date as a guardian consultation, you will not be able to remove them from the trip. This will cause issues with booking slots for guardian consultations: Managing Guardian Consultations 

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