Finding blank summative assessment marks

You can quickly find any of your summative assessments that are still yet to be completed! This method can be used to find missing marks without setting up a data collection policy.

Finding incomplete summative assessments

Go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking and click on the filter at the top of the page.

  • In the filter settings, choose your date range and change the Status to show either Started or Not Started assessments. Then click Apply.
  • Between these 2 statuses, this page will now show you a list of all the assessments within the selected date range that have not yet been completed.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 11.37.00.png


Contacting the Academic Leads

You can contact the academic leads of any not-completed assessments on this page by using the tick box on the left-hand side of the assessments shown, and clicking on the Bulk Action button, then choose the option to Email Academic Leads.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 11.09.48.png


Using the slide-over this brings up, you can draft and send an email to the academic leads of each non-completed assessment.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 11.09.31.png


Checking assessment marks for individual students

You can export all summative assessments to Excel. To do this, go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Export > Bulk Export Student Marks.

Use the Filters section on this page to choose your date range, student group, assessments and grade set for the export. You can also use the Display section to choose any additional information you may want to include in your export and when you're ready, click the Export button in the bottom right-hand corner. 

  • When you export your assessments to Excel, any assessments that are not set up for the students on the list will have a note where the grades would appear, stating "There is no (name of the assessment) set up for (Student Name) for (academic year)".
  • Any assessments that just do not have a grade entered yet will instead show a blank space where these grades would go. 

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 11.09.13.png

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