Progress points from Baseline or Previous mark to Current grade to Year Target or Predicted Mark on marksheets

You can see if a student has or hasn't made progress on marksheets. You can either use custom calculations in custom marksheets, or our out-of-the-box calculation columns for:

  • Current Grade vs Baseline
  • Current Grade vs Year Target
  • Current Grade vs Predicted Mark
  • Current Grade vs Previous Mark

How do we turn on the column for marksheets?

There are three ways to use this feature, depending on which marksheets you want the column to be enabled for.

All marksheets

Switch on for all marksheets from your Marksheet Settings. Staff can toggle this to off using the marksheet filters each time they access a marksheet if needed.



Only some assessments

Switch on by default for only certain assessment by going to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. Select the assessment, then click on the field and change this to Yes.



Have staff choose to enable on each marksheet

Have staff click into the filters on their marksheets to enable the columns - you can see how teachers can do this here, and how administrators and SLT can do this here.



How does this work on the marksheets?

On the marksheet, you'll see a column for each comparison, for each assessment period.

This will be blank if you haven't input a grade for the assessment period. Once you add a grade, the column will automatically calculate the difference between the two columns, and output a positive or negative progress score.

For the Previous Mark comparison, we use the latest mark that has been inputted - e.g. if a student has a current mark for Summer of a 4 and there is a blank mark for the Spring column, we will use the Autumn mark as the previous mark.

For example, for Daniel, their baseline statistical value is subtracted from their current mark, so 6-1=5.

Top Tip: Click the column header to sort the students by progress.


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