Not required marks for Summative and Ad-hoc Assessments

You can choose whether to enable our not required assessment marks in marksheets for your Summative and Ad-Hoc assessments.

Please note that these marks are only for assessment period grades, not for baselines or targets.

When this is enabled, three new marks will be available to select on the Marksheet pages for all existing and future grade sets. These new marks can be used whenever a child was not available to be assessed.

If you don't have these marks enabled and haven't set these marks up manually for each assessment's grade set, the only way to indicate a student wasn't assessed is to leave the field blank. However, this means that your Mark Entry data collection will never be marked as complete.

If you enable these marks, you won't need to add additional grades manually and our new marks will count towards your data collection, allowing it to be marked as completed.



The marks available are:

  • Absent - No mark could be recorded because the student was not present due to illness etc. 
  • Not enrolled - A mark is not required because the student was not attending the school at the time of the assessment.
  • Not required - A mark is not required of the student, for example, if they are not taking this assessment.

Here's what these marks will look like in the marksheet:



How do we enable these marks?

You can choose whether you want to use these marks or not - they are turned off by default.

To enable them, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

  • Please include in the email whether you want to enable these marks for Summative assessments, Ad-hoc assessments or both.
  • Be sure to cc in your data controller (usually your Head Teacher) if this is not you so they can authorise the request. 

Please note, once these marks have been enabled, they cannot be disabled.


My school already uses our own 'not required' marks

If your school has already created similar marks as part of a grade set, these won't be automatically removed. You will see both your old marks and the new ones appear when inputting a grade into the marksheet.

You may wish to go back through the past assessment periods and years, and change any old marks to the new marks using the Marksheet page. Just set the filters at the top of the page to the right assessment period, and click a mark to amend it. Completing this step ensures when you remove the old marks in the next step, no marks will be removed. 

You can then remove the old grades from your gradeset in Students > Assessment > Assessment Framework > Grade Sets. Click the grade set, then the orange Edit button. You can then delete grades as needed.


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