What attendance marks can be used for Internal Exclusions?

When taking attendance for Internal Exclusions, there is a reduced list of attendance codes that can be used.

What are the available marks?

When taking attendance for an Internal Exclusion session: 

  • You would usually be able to select from Present, L, N, C and O.
  • If you have the Restrict Attendance Marks setting on, you can only select from Present, L and N. 

Top Tip: when editing the mark from the student's profile, Present, L, N, C and O are available.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 16.39.58.png


Why are only these codes available?

If a student is absent from the Internal Exclusion, they should be marked with N.

The student's actual Roll Call statutory mark will be taken from their lesson, where they should be marked with the appropriate code - this will be a Planned Absence mark if the student is absent.


There's a Validation error in the register

You may get a validation error in a register that says Validation Error (MARK_NOT_VALID_FOR_THIS_EVENT).

This can happen if you've used another page to enter attendance marks, such as Bulk Edit Marks, and have input a code for an Internal Exclusion that is not Present, L, N, C or O.

You will need to change the mark to Present, L, N, C or O to remove the validation error.

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