Teachers of RE in the CES Census

This article can be used to help resolve your CES Census errors regarding teachers of RE. For more help, please see our CES Census Guide.

How can I set a staff member as a Specialist Qualified RE Teacher?

  1. Go to their staff profile and scroll down to Qualifications & Checks.
  2. Click on CES Specialist Qualified RE Teacher.
  3. Tick the box and then click Save Changes.

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More staff members teaching RE than the number we have - how can I change this?

Arbor counts any staff (that are included in the CES census) who have taken a class which has the subject of RE. For example, it will include any staff member who has covered an RE Lesson as they have, at some point, taught RE.

You can override this manually in the Additional Information section on the CES Census Overview page.

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