Senior Leadership Team details are incorrect in CES Census

This article can be used to help resolve your CES Census errors around SLT details. For more help, please see our CES Census Guide.


Business roles in Arbor are just for permission management, and are not reported in the CES Census. This means that Senior Leadership Team can have the correct business roles but the details in CES census may not be correct.

The details exported are in the staff member's post linked to their active contract - they'll only pull through to the CES Census if they have the correct Position Category. 

Go to School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions and review the Positions in the In Use and Historic tabs. In particular, look at the Census Business Role column to ensure these are set correctly. If you click into the role from this list, you can see the current and past role-holders to cross-reference with your staff.

Take a look at this article for full details on positions, and which Business Category and Census Role Identifiers should be used together.

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