Checking Behaviour Types & Adjusting Severities

This guidance is intended for those schools that are currently onboarding and are close to their Go-Live date. For those schools already in Account Management who would like to explore the full potential of the Behaviour Module, we would encourage you to purchase a Behaviour Consultation with a specialist trainer to fully assess your needs and requirements moving forward.


During your onboarding journey you will be using a dummy site. This site is wiped before your final migration so any changes you make to the behaviour module on the dummy site will need to be repeated when your final Live Site is released.

Locating your Behaviour Types List

If you have been using your previous MIS for behaviour, it is likely any behaviour types that are stored here will have migrated over. To locate the list, navigate to Students > Behaviour > Behaviour Setup, where you will find the setup area for behaviour. Please note, this area is only accessible for those with appropriate permissions.

Archiving the Behaviour Types 

You may find that there are some behaviours that have migrated that you do not need. If this is the case, they can be archived, which will remove them from the active list but still enable you to report on them should the need arise in the future. To archive behaviour types, follow this guidance

  1. Select the behaviours you would like to archive by ticking the box next to their name. 
  2. Click the green Bulk Action button and select Archive/Unarchive behaviour types. 
  3. Click the red ‘Yes, archive’ button - these behaviours will now have been archived. 

If you have accidentally archived a behaviour, it can be unarchived using the following guidance: 

  1. Click the drop-down on the ‘Show Behaviours’ bar and select ‘Archived’ from the list. 
  2. Click the green ‘Apply’ button. 
  3. Select the behaviours that you need to return to the active list, either by selecting individually or selecting the entire list as is shown in the video. 
  4. Click the green Bulk Action button and select Archive/Unarchive behaviour types. 
  5. Click the orange ‘Yes, unarchive’ button - these behaviours will now have been returned to the ‘Active’ list.

Altering the Severity of a Behaviour Type

It is likely the behaviours that have migrated will be placed in -1 and +1 severity, if you are using both positive and negative in your current MIS. This can be changed for each behaviour if needed when you follow this guidance: 

  1. Click on the behaviour type that you would like to change the severity on. 
  2. On the slide out that opens, click on the Severity drop down menu and select the severity that you would like to change this behaviour to. 
  3. Click the green Save Changes button. 
  4. You will now see that this severity has changed in the list.
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