5 Steps to get your whole school logged in

This article contains 5 steps on getting your whole school logged in to your new MIS!

1. Log in to your new Arbor MIS

Get help here to log in and solve logging in issues.

2. Check your School details

Once logged in, you’ll want to check your school details are correct, so go to School > School Details.

To get going with communications, you will need to add a school email address. Scroll down to the Contact Details section and click +Add to add a school email address.


If you’re planning on using Arbor communications to send out emails, SMS or In-app messages, you’ll need to make sure the right people have this ability by setting them as ‘Permitted senders’ - get help on this here.

3. Check your team’s business roles and permissions

  • When you migrate, Arbor looks at the contract that is stored against your staff member in your school’s data and matches them with a suitable business role in Arbor.
  • The business role in Arbor and permissions associated with the role provide the least amount of permissions required for a user to operate Arbor to complete expected tasks. You can check what permissions each Business Role has by following these instructions. We strongly recommend that you check this to make sure you are happy with the access users have to the data on Arbor before releasing it to all staff.
  • We understand that you may want to tailor access by adding extra permissions for staff members in your school - you can get help here on how to do this. 


If you haven’t stored contracts in your previous MIS, we won’t be able to assign your member of staff a business role during migration and you will need to give them one manually in Arbor for them to have access - get help here on how to give them a business role.

4. Complete the Arbor Data Migration Report

It’s important to ensure your school data has migrated from your previous MIS as expected as soon as possible. Prior to migration, your Arbor Implementation workbook should have been completed by your school with your data checks and counts.

You can use the data counts from your previous MIS to cross-reference with the data migration report in Arbor. To download a data migration report in Arbor for data checking, go to School > Data > Data Migration Report.


During the data checking in Arbor you may find it useful to use the Data Quality Dashboard - you can get help here with using this feature.

5. Help others login to Arbor

Once you’re happy with your schools data, if you’re responsible for helping other members of staff to log in you can send them a welcome email that includes their username and a link where they can set their password, or send them the URL of your site. Get help here to see how to do this, as well as some top troubleshooting tips.

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