Assessment And Behaviour Priority Schools

What is a Behaviour or Assessment priority school?

A Behaviour Priority school is a school that needs to use the Behaviour module for more than simply logging a Behaviour incident within 6 weeks of their Arbor Go Live date.

An Assessment Priority school is a school that needs to use the Assessment module within 6 weeks of their Arbor Go Live date.

We strongly recommend that you set the Behaviour/Assessment modules up more than 6 weeks after going live where possible to give staff a chance to get used to the basics before setting up and using complex, bespoke modules.

How will Arbor know if we are a Behaviour/Assessment priority school?

2 weeks before your Arbor onboarding project kicks off, you will receive the “Secondary Onboarding Survey”. As part of this, you will be asked the following questions:

  1. Do you use your current MIS to log and store assessment data?
  2. Is your next data drop less than 6 weeks after your go live date?
  3. When is your next assessment data drop/collection after Go Live?
  4. Do you use your current MIS to log and store behaviour data?
  5. What system do you currently use

Please also make sure you fill out the survey questions for a Behaviour/Assessment Lead’s name and email address.

The answers to the above questions will help us determine if you are a priority school for Behaviour/Assessment. If you are deemed a priority, keep reading to see what happens next!

I’ve filled out the survey and I am a Behaviour/Assessment priority school, what happens next?

On week 2 of your school’s onboarding journey, the specified Behaviour/Assessment Lead will receive an email detailing next steps including how to book relevant training and relevant written guidance. 

Top Tip!

Once the Behaviour/Assessment Lead has received their week 2 email, we recommend you book the earliest possible training session to ensure you have enough time to complete any setup or partake in any further recommended training.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Behaviour or Assessment modules?

Your Account Manager is the best person to contact with any questions about Behaviour or Assessments. To find out who your Account Manager is, you can ask your Customer Onboarding Manager, the Support Team or your accredited Support Partner.

What if my school is part of a MAT?

If your school is part of a MAT, please contact your MAT to discuss the implementation of Behaviour and Assessments. The MAT team may be looking to centralise these modules in which case, your school will not receive the emails described above.

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