Cutover Period (Weekend Migrations Only)

What is a Cutover?

When you migrate over a weekend, you must send a backup of your current MIS to Arbor on the Thursday before your allocated weekend after PM registers have been taken. After migration, your new Arbor MIS will be released to you by the end of the day on the following Monday, ready to take registers from Tuesday. 

This means there will be data such as attendance that you will need to collect over the Friday and Monday to enter manually into your new Arbor MIS the following week.

As a weekend migration school, you will be enrolled on an Arbor Training Hub course called "Cutover Period - Weekend Migrations". This course is a series of short videos designed to show you how to enter census necessary data into your live Arbor site to cover the 2 days (Friday and Monday) you will have without a "live MIS" as one of our weekend migration schools.

Please also see our written guidance below on how to complete various cutover tasks:

Why do I need to complete Cutover tasks?

The data you are asked to input manually following the release of your live site is necessary for the census, so it’s really important that you complete the work ASAP to ensure your MIS is census compliant.

How should I plan for Cutover?

All Cutover tasks are outlined in the Onboarding Checklist of your workbook, they are also below for your convenience:

Week 2

  • Hold an internal progress call to discuss how you will manage cutover as a school, who will be responsible for entering this data following the live migrations, use the onboarding checklist in your workbook to assign and share this plan

Week 10

  • Download Paper Registers for all Lessons including Clubs & Trips (for Friday, Monday & Tuesday) & Consider how the Attendance Officer will have access to these registers 
  • Ensure you have a plan for logging your Behaviour
  • Make staff aware SIMS will be Read only during cutover week (consider if this is all staff - do you want to keep for certain Admin Staff?)
  • Create a log to manage staff absence and cover and notify cover staff appropriately
  • Consider advising guardians about the change in MIS as they may not have up-to-date information during the crossover

Week 11

  • Add your attendance data into Arbor for Friday and Monday
  • Add your Behaviour Incidents into Arbor for Friday and Monday
  • Add any Record Changes into Arbor for Friday and Monday
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