Does Arbor edit or delete our data?

Your school or MAT is the data controller for data on your School or MAT MIS site. Arbor is the data processor, meaning we hold the data but are not responsible for it.

Arbor will never edit, change or delete data without consent:

  • Arbor Support won't edit your data at your request. As your school or MAT is the data controller, regular edits need to be made by your organisation.
  • Arbor will not automatically delete or remove old data, such as past scheduled events or data that may no longer be relevant or correct. For student, guardian and staff profiles, here's how your school can manage them: Managing data retention for your MIS
  • If you get in touch with Arbor with an issue, and if after investigation by us the only resolution is for us to edit your data, we will only do so with consent. For large changes, we will also request consent from your Senior Leadership Team before actioning anything.
  • There may be scenarios where we identify that we need to update your data. Before doing so, we will inform your organisation of any changes we will make.

You may also see instances of Arbor Admin in your logs. This will appear when:

  • there is a rule you have set up in your site to automate data, such as auto-calculation of period targets in assessment marksheets
  • there is a Third Party App you have approved that has permission to write data into Arbor.
  • this data was imported into Arbor as part of the migration from your previous MIS.

Should you have any further questions or would like to report an issue, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor using the Contact Us form in the top right of the Help Centre, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

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