Uploading and downloading photos

You can bulk upload photos of students and staff directly to Arbor from files located on your computer.


  • All Staff: Basic HR Administration - Upload photos for staff
  • Student Photo: Administer All Students - Upload photos for students

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Acceptable file names

If you have photographers come in to take your photos, you'll need to ask them to name the files with one of the following identifiers. This ensures the photos can be matched to the correct students. 

For example, when naming James Smith's photo file, his photo should be named one of the following. You can select any of the identifiers, but make sure the same type is used for all of the files.

> Arbor Staff ID (e.g. 1234.jpg)

> Staff Number (e.g. 1234567.jpg)

> First Name & Last Name (e.g. JamesSmith.jpg)

> Initial & Last Name (e.g. JSmith.jpg)

> Arbor Student ID (e.g. 1234.jpg)

> Student Number (e.g. 1234567.jpg)

> Student UPN (e.g. H0000000001234.jpg)

You do have the option to choose "No Identifier" and match all photos manually (not recommended, but available as a last resort!). 


What is the maximum size photos can be?

There is no maximum image pixel dimensions, as we automatically scale the pictures to fit the box.

Whilst there are no dimension limitations, the maximum file size is 9.5 megabytes (9.5MB) per file.


Creating a list of students and their identifiers

If you require a list featuring your students and one of these identifiers for the company taking your student/staff photos, you can create a Custom Report using this template file. We have guidance on how to import report templates available here.

Once you've created the report, just download it in Excel format, and delete any unwanted identifier columns - you can then pass the list over to your photo company so they can give the photos the correct filenames.

Uploading photos

Please check the photos are correct before uploading, as you cannot delete photos in bulk, only amend from individual profiles.

Uploading the photos in bulk

There are different routes to reach the Photo Uploader depending on whether you are uploading Staff or Student photos. 

  • To upload student photos, go to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Student Photos Tip: If you're having issues uploading student photos, try uploading photos one year group at a time.
  • To upload staff photos, go to School > All Staff > Bulk Update > Staff Photos. In this example, we're going to upload staff photos, but the method is the same for both staff and students.

In the right-hand panel, there is a set of instructions on how to start the upload process. Once you have read the instructions and are happy with your file names or 'identifiers', click on the green Start New Upload button.



Choose the name for the upload, and select which identifier you have used to name the files, then click Upload Photos.



On the next page, the files can be uploaded from your computer, or drag and dropped into the upload area. Then click Match Photos.



On the next page, you can confirm matches, or choose users to match pictures to.

In the Suggested Matches section, check all the people have matched correctly.

If they have not, select all the people you need to change, and use the Bulk action button to match them to another person.




Once you have amended any matches that were incorrectly matched, you may have people in the Action Required section. You can choose to match this picture to an existing person, or delete this imported photo and not update any profile.




Finally, for your remaining people who have automatically matched correctly, select them all then click Confirm Matches.




All your people will then be confirmed, and you can then Mark Upload as Complete.



Once confirmed, you can't make any further changes to this upload, but you can edit photos individually from profiles.



The import will then be marked as Completed.


Uploading photos on the Student or staff profile

Top Tip: The format must be jpeg, and the size of each file must be less than 1MB.

Add an individual students photo to a profile by navigating to the profile and clicking on the profile photo.



In the slide over, click Browse to select the image to upload, then click Upload. Ensure the format is JPG. 




Downloading photos

Photo sheet

To download your class photos navigate to Students > All Students > Profile Pictures.

From here use the filters to find the class photo list you would like to download then click the green 'Print Photo Sheet' button. 



Downloading Student photos as JPEGs

Go to Students > All Students > Profile Photos > Bulk Download photos > Students. Click +Add and select the students.



Click the file to download it to your computer.



When you open the zip file from your computer, you can see all the student images as JPG files. Any students without a UPN will be downloaded as '1_ArborID.jpg'




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