Using the Data Quality Dashboard to manage student, guardian and staff data in bulk

Arbor's Data Quality Dashboard allows you to check and update key elements of student, guardian and staff data. Just go to School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard.

First, you'll see an overview of how many data points we recommend you check.



Use the left-hand menu to select the data you want to check - you can choose to work on Students, Guardians or Staff:

  • Students - click on Students in the left-hand menu and select an option- you can see full details here: Update information for students in bulk
  • Guardians - click on Guardians in the left-hand menu and select an option, for example, Guardians > Authorised to Collect.
  • Staff - click on Staff in the left-hand menu and select an option, for example, Staff > Contact details > Email Addresses.

For example, Staff > Contact Details will let you see any staff that have errors in their postal address, telephone numbers or email addresses. You can see more details on postal addresses here: How do we fix errors in Postal Addresses?

Need to ignore a few errors in bulk? Just select the boxes next to the rows, then click the Bulk action button to select Bulk Ignore.



You can also click on the error to resolve it by updating the information or choosing to ignore the error.



Resolving suspected duplicates

From the data quality dashboard, you can also check for and resolve suspected duplicate profiles. This page will give you the details of each profile to check and from here you can choose to merge the profiles, delete a profile or keep both profiles separate.

To see how to resolve student duplicates, click here.

To see how to resolve guardian or staff duplicates, click here.

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