Academic Progress on the Parent Portal and Arbor App

Easily access information about your child's academic progress and attainment.

On the Parent Portal On the Arbor App

On your Homepage, you can view your child's current assessment grade and how much of the curriculum they have completed this term compared to the last term.

To view more information, click on the Grade Average or Progress tile, or click the View Student Profile button and go to Progress from the left-hand menu.



By default, this page will show you the current year and term but you can change this using the drop-down menus.

You will see a list of the Assessments (e.g Science), Year Baseline, Working At (current grade), Year target and Year progress.



The Grade Average Over Time graph shows the student's grades from the Working At Table.

By default, the graph will show the students overall average, but this can be broken down into detail by clicking on either a specific or multiple assessments.



The graph is set up to show any grades below target in the Orange section, On Target is in the Grey section and Above Target is in the Green Section.


The coloured sections can be removed by un-ticking the "Above Target" and "Below Target" sections.



If your school used continuous assessment, click into Curriculum Tracking > Markbook from the left-hand menu to see how your child is doing against the curriculum.


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