How do I add my National Insurance (NI) number on the Parent Portal?

You can update your own National Insurance number on the Parent Portal. Click on your child's name to go to their profile.



In the Family, Guardians & Contacts section, click on yourself.



In the Identity section, click on the National Insurance Number field.



Add the number, then click Save Changes.



Top Tips:

  • If this NI number is already added on another profile, you won't be able to add it - please contact your school to correct any mistakes.
  • If you're a guardian who is also a staff member, you should only have your NI number recorded on your Staff Profile, so you won't be able to add your NI number to your guardian profile.



If your school must accept record changes, the changes will show as Pending. Until the details are accepted, you can click into the change and cancel the change using the orange button.



Once the changes have been accepted by the school, you can edit or delete these details.


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