Updating your own guardian details on the Parent Portal and Parent App

You can update your own details, such as your contact details, on the Parent Portal or Parent App.

On the Parent Portal On the Parent App

To change your password, go to My Items > My Account and click to change your password.



To change any other details, go to your child's profile.



Scroll down and click your name in the Family, Guardians & Contacts section.



Here you can edit any details that have an > symbol, such as:

  • select or change your Preferred contact method of email or SMS for being notified when your child was absent from school. Top Tip: This informs the school of your preference when checking your profile, but they can choose to send either method.
  • adding a National Insurance number
  • changing your name or relationship with the child
  • which priority contact you are



You can also add or edit phone numbers, email addresses or your address. Please note that if you edit your only email address, or add a new one and mark it as the default, this will be come your new username to log in with.



If you need to update your address, you can choose to either edit the address or mark that you've moved to a different address.



When you do this, you also need to select whether the changes also apply to anyone who is down as currently living with you.


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