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Managing students' Medical conditions and plans

This article will show you where to record and see student medical conditions and any treatment plans.


  • Student Profile: Admin: Administer All/My Students or Student Profile: Identity: Administer All/My Students permission or Student Profile: Medical: Administer All/My Students - add or edit medical details for students
  • Student Profile: Admin: View All/My Students or Student Profile: Identity: View All/My Students permission or Student Profile: Medical: View All/My Students - see and report on medical details for students

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Medical Conditions

The Students > Medical > Medical Conditions page provides a list of all the students saved as having a medical condition or allergy.

You can add these from student profiles, or import in bulk using our Entity Importer.



Click on the filter option at the top to select certain groups of students to display.



Edit entry details by clicking on the student in question, then on Edit in the slide over, and Delete or Save Changes. You cannot add or delete medical conditions in bulk.

To pin a medical condition to the top of a student's profile, tick the Pin option.



To attach files to a student's entry, click on their name and drag files to the Attachments sections in the slide over that appears.

Clicking on More information in the slide over takes you to the Medical section on a student's profile.



Medical Plans

See a list of all medical plans for students in a school from Students > Medical > Medical Plan. It is also possible to download a single medical plan by selecting a student.

You may wish to use this page to record medicine expiry dates.

Top Tips:

  • You can see when the review date for the plan is from this page, but there is no automatic notification when this date is reached - you'll need to regularly review.
  • You cannot upload or delete details of medical plans in bulk.


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