Bulk update students' Education history

You can add education histories of students' past or future schools - much quicker than on their individual profiles under the Education and Employment History section. This method is most useful when there are multiple students coming from or going to the same school.

Go to School > Linked Organisations > Educational Institutions. Click on the school you want to add students to.

If the school is not there, follow this article first, then return to this article.



Scroll down to the Linked [your school name] Students section.

Click the green Add button



Select Add Former Students or Add Future Students, depending if the students have come from that school or going to that school.



Former Students

Enter the information. You will only need to enter the students, so don't worry if you don't know their enrolment dates for that school.

Click the green Add Former Students button.



This is the result of adding a future student to a school.

On the Educational Institution page.



On the Student Profile.



Future Students

Enter the students going to this school, and their entry date if you know it.

Click the green Add Future Students button.


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