What are Business Roles and Permissions in Arbor?


What are Business Roles?

Business roles manage which users can access and edit which data points in Arbor. Every staff member must be given a Business Role to be able to log in to Arbor.

Each business role on Arbor comes with a set of permissions for the most common tasks done by that role. Wherever possible, permission assignments should come from a business role at the school.

You can see how to see which staff have which business roles and the permissions included in these roles here.

What are Permissions?

Every function or task within Arbor has permissions associated with it, and it's possible to be given the ability to view or administer depending on the specific task required. For example, a teacher would by default have the permission to take registers for their classes, but not have permission to take registers for all classes.

It is possible to give temporary or permanent (Ad-hoc) permissions or roles to an Arbor user in the event of them needing to do something that is not included in their standard role.

If a staff member can't access something you think they should be able to, it's likely that they haven't been given a business role that contains all the permissions they'll need. You would need to give them another business role, or give them additional ad-hoc permissions.

You can see how to see which Business Roles include a permission and the staff that have the permission here.

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