ParentPay and Arbor integration

ParentPay currently has an API sync with Arbor that can pull basic student and staff data, along with pre-admission students. This sync does not run automatically - so must be triggered manually within ParentPay.

There are a few steps to setting up an integration between your Arbor site and ParentPay.

Step 1 - Contact ParentPay

Before completing the other steps below, contact ParentPay to let them know you're moving to Arbor. This is because ParentPay has to complete some work on their end to prevent errors, and will need to prepare to send you an API request to approve.

ParentPay will be likely to ask you to upload a CSV file to enable them to map student IDs from your previous MIS to the new Arbor IDs. You can find a downloadable CSV export on your Arbor by going to School > Data > Export > ParentPay Export, which should enable ParentPay to complete the mapping.



Step 2 - Approve the API Request

ParentPay will send you a request in your MIS to share your data via API. Go to System > Partner Apps (API Users) > Pending requests.



Click the request to approve it.




It will then show in your list of Approved Apps.



Step 3 - Sync your data

Whenever you update Student, Guardian or Staff information, you'll need to go into ParentPay and click a button to sync the integration and update the data in ParentPay.

Please note that for Pre-admission students (Applicants in Arbor) to be synced into ParentPay, their application status must be Enrolled. Any applicants that have a status of Newly Created/Offer Made/Offer Accepted will not be pulled through as part of the sync.

Here's ParentPay's guidance page on how to sync your data



  • ParentPay are saying that they aren't receiving any staff data from Arbor?
    • At present, ParentPay use an API query the relies on staff members having an active contract on Arbor. Any staff members without a contract will not be pulled into their sync. Contracts will need to be added to the staff profiles in order for them to begin pulling through to ParentPay.
  • ParentPay say that they are receiving a duplicated ID for a student/member of staff?
    • If you have recently migrated from SIMS, please ask ParentPay to ensure that they have updated their IDs to reflect those used on Arbor. If they are still using SIMS IDs then it will be possible for there to be clashes of ID numbers.
  • My Registration Forms name don't appear to be correct on ParentPay?
    • Please check that when uploading to ParentPay, you have not ticked the option to 'Remove Year Group from the front of the Registration Group'.
  • ParentPay can't see my pre-admission students?
    • In order for pre-admission students (applicants in Arbor) to be included in the API sync, they must have an application status of 'Enrolled'. Applicants who are 'Offered Accepted' will not be included in the sync.
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