New School Year Setup help and guidance

The New School Year Setup process in Arbor opens on the 1st May so we've put together some great resources to help guide you through the end of year process! There's no need to wait until later on in the year as the setup won't take effect until September - so get started today!

Our New School Year Guidance

Before you get started, check you have all the information you need by taking a look at our Checklist.

Our New School Year Setup guides cover the whole process to prepare for the next academic year, tailored to your school type! If you're a special school, please choose the guide that is most appropriate to you, as the setup is majority the same whether you're a special or mainstream school.

Got Nursery children at your school? We’ve put together separate guidance to make it easier to work through the process of enrolling students into the correct sessions. Click here to read our Nursery guidance. 

Got a question?

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions about the process here: New School Year Setup FAQs

Webinars - a demo of the full process

We're repeating our webinar series in May and July so you can see how to complete each step of the process. Sign up here: Upcoming Webinars

Missed a session? We post the recording on our Help Centre within 24 hours here: Past webinar recordings

Check you've set everything up correctly

Want a way to quickly check if you've completed each step? Take a look at our Checklist.

If you're seeing a banner on your site, it means you haven't quite completed one or more of the New School Year Setup steps. Be sure to follow the instructions in this article to resolve this and remove the banner.


Step 6

All schools (including primaries, nurseries and primary specials) need to complete step 6 of the new school year setup, as in this step you schedule your statutory roll call attendance registers. We've added a quick article for how you can do this here.

If you're a secondary, please follow the guidance in the Secondary guide linked above, which includes information on how to import your timetable from TimeTabler or Edval.

Use the support of the Arbor Community

We have a whole section of the Arbor Community dedicated to preparing for next academic year. Just click here to join the discussion with other schools. 

Book a call with our support team

If you're an Arbor-supported school, you can book in a 15-minute session with our expert support team. Before the session, please try to complete as much of the setup as you can so we can focus on supporting you with the trickier parts of the process.

You can book a slot by clicking this link:

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