Using Arby

Arby is our in-MIS help bot filled with Top Tips and FAQs. From onboarding to New School Year Setup, Arby will help you get to grips with using Arbor.

You can find Arby in the bottom left of your Arbor site at key points in the year, if you have opted in.

Here's an example video showing Arby for September.



Using Arby

Just click on Arby to open it up, and click the icon in the top left to expand the view. You'll see different sections for each step.



Top Tip: We recommend duplicating your tabs to work through Arby and action the steps side by side.



When an Arby has steps to complete in order, once each step is viewed, there'll be a tick in the circle.



Here's an example of one of the parts. You can click through the slides, access more information using our links, or close using the X.



Help Centre

Some Arby journeys allow you to access Help Centre content right from within the MIS. Just click the hat icon.

We'll suggest articles to you, or you can type into the box to search.




Some Arby journeys allow you to submit feedback on this particular area of Arbor. Just click the speech bubble icon to add your thoughts.

This feedback comes directly through to our Product Team - you can see more about how feedback is managed here: Our Product Roadmap and how to submit feedback




Who can use Arby?

All schools will have access to use Arby, whether you are partner supported or not.

You need to have opted in as a user.

You cannot use Arby if you are a Teacher, Student or Parent.

I can't see Arby?

Please see our guidance here: Why can't I see Arby?

Can I move Arby to a different area on the screen?

Yes, you can click on the Arby logo and drag to move him to anywhere you would like on your screen.

Why are there broken images on Arby?

Some of the images in Arby may appear to be broken. This will be due to your schools Content Security Policy (CSP) on your browser settings. You will need to speak with your internal IT team who might be able to disable this for you.

How do I stop seeing Arby?

Please note that:

  • It isn't possible to switch Arby off in bulk for all users at your school.
  • If you decide to switch Arby off, you cannot switch it back on yourself. Please contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

To switch Arby off, click on Arby and select the notification, or this may be under Additional Resources.




Select the How can I opt out? section.



Choose whether to continue seeing Arby or to switch him off.


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