Moving to the MAT MIS

What can you do using the MAT MIS?

Keeping on top of things is a struggle when everything’s in different places in different schools. Arbor brings it all together to give you a single overview of your schools, so nothing slips through the cracks.  MAT MIS lets you work with any number of schools from one central location, so you can collaborate more easily and really understand how everyone’s getting on. Track performance from a distance, compare data across schools and give every school the tools they need to do their best work.

  • Get the big picture at a glance, in real-time - Dashboards let you compare attendance, staffing, assessments and performance across schools instantly, and in real-time.
  • One central MIS login - Sign in to your account in one place and securely log in to all the schools you work with, from one page.
  • Manage your staff data centrally - Create and maintain central staff records to help your team manage HR and analyse staff attendance.
  • Build custom reports painlessly - Build custom reports in minutes and share them automatically with stakeholders on a schedule. You can also link to third-party tools like PowerBI for new dashboards and more efficient reporting.
  • Understand the detail that’s making a difference - Drill down into measures, from an aggregated trust-level view, all the way down to an individual pupil.


Moving to Arbor

Implementing a new MIS across your MAT can feel daunting. It doesn’t just mean changing a system, it’s often a journey towards operational, process and wider organisational change.

Our mission is to support your trust to make the move to Arbor a success and ultimately help you transform the way you work for the better. We take the time to get to know your trust’s culture so we can adapt our approach to fit your needs - with training and support that’s right for you every step of the way.

We’ve broken down your journey into three phases:

  1. Technical Migration - We’ll move your schools’ data over to Arbor and run thorough checks to make sure everything is accurate
  2. Getting Started - Your staff will have the training and support they need to get set up and confident using Arbor
  3. Active - You can choose from a range of training, consultancy and services to help you get the most out of Arbor over the longer term


The team working with you

Throughout your onboarding period, you’ll have the support of a dedicated MAT Programme Manager. With expertise in project governance and Prince2 methodologies, your Programme Manager will work with you to plan your implementation process, manage day-to-day programme administration across your MAT and keep progress on track. Each of your schools will work with a Primary School Project Coordinator/ Secondary School Project Manager who will coordinate their data migration and staff training.



Training, consultancy and services

We offer a range of personalised training, consultancy and services for your school teams, and for your MAT Central Team, designed to make Arbor a success across your trust. Get the right support at the right time throughout your journey with Arbor - from data migration to the day Arbor goes live, to driving success over a longer period of time.

Training examples (Central Team):

  • MAT MIS Training: Overview of the core features of MAT MIS, like tracking performance and comparing data across schools
  • Personalised Assessment Training: Giving you the tools to set up and align your assessment framework across your schools in Arbor

Consultancy and services examples:

  • MAT Success Manager: After implementation, work with an expert during a Half Term to evaluate and help improve the success of Arbor at your trust
  • Impact Workshop: A half-day session where we’ll sit down with you to build a clear plan for how Arbor can help you work even more effectively


Going live with your MIS site

We'll send your CEO or Arbor Champion an email to let you know when your MAT MIS site is ready to go. We will have already set you up as a user, so all you'll need to do it go to your MAT MIS URL and enter your login details.

Once you've logged in and taken a look around, if anyone else needs to be able to log in you'll need to set them up as a user. 

Take a look at your guide to get started: Introduction to Arbor - Guide for new MAT MIS Staff

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