Introduction to Arbor - Guide for new MAT MIS Staff

This guide and further training

This guide is part of our series of introduction guides for new users.

If you'd like further training, take a look at the services we offer here: Customer Education and Training Services. Then contact your Account Manager if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.


We designed the MAT MIS to give you a single overview of your schools, so nothing slips through the cracks. MAT MIS lets you collaborate more easily and really understand how everyone’s getting on. Track performance, compare data and give every school the tools they need to do their best work.


Logging in

Logging in yourself

If you have not logged in to Arbor yet, welcome! Your MAT is now live and it’s time to log in.
Launch an internet browser - we recommend Google Chrome, and go to your MAT's URL e.g. http://[examplematname] Follow the instructions in the Logging in for the first time section of this article: Logging in and out of the MAT MIS

If this does not work, get in contact with someone else in your MAT’s office team who will be able to send you a reset password email and follow our troubleshooting guidance in this article.

Helping other staff to log in

Once you’ve logged in, you may need to help other staff to log in. You can send staff a welcome email that includes their username and a link where they can set their password. You can also manually set a password for them, or get them to reset their password if they are struggling to log in.

Follow the instructions in the Helping other staff to log in section of this article: Logging in and out of the MAT MIS and troubleshooting login issues


My Homepage

This is the first screen that you will see when you log in to your MAT's Arbor site.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 15.43.52.png

  1. Top menus
  2. Site links
  3. Favourites
  4. Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Take a look here for a full breakdown of how you can use each section: My Homepage on the MAT MIS


HR Admin and staff access

For more details, take a look at our MAT MIS HR FAQs.

Managing access to the MAT and School MISs

When you add a new staff member to the MAT MIS, you need to:

  • Decide which School MIS sites they should have access to - This determines which School MIS sites they can log into through the MAT MIS.
  • Give them a business role - Every staff member must be given a Business Role to be able to log in to Arbor. Each business role comes with a default set of permissions to enable the staff member to carry out the tasks required by their role. You can also assign additional permissions - further details here: Managing Business Roles, Permissions and access on the MAT MIS

When a staff member no longer works at the MAT, you can remove their access following these instructions: Removing staff access

Updating MAT staff HR and using the Single Central Staff Record

Arbor has a dedicated page that allows you to check you have all the information about your staff members, which you can read about here: Using the Single Central Record (SCR) on the MAT MIS

You can't upload into the SCR in bulk, such as via a spreadsheet, but you can update the information from their staff profile.

Top Tip: Click any field with a > symbol to see further information or edit it.


Managing your schools

Email students, guardians or staff

Keep your users up to date by sending emails via a Mail Merge, or take action with your data using the bulk actions in your analysis pages. Get started sending communications here: Sending emails from the MAT MIS



Centralise your schools' policies

User Defined Fields let you track that little bit of extra information on student, staff or guardian profiles. You can standardise your UDFs across your trust, while saving lots of set-up time by Rolling out User Defined Fields (UDFs) from MAT MIS



Standardise the way you manage assessments by rolling out setting up and pushing down summative assessment frameworks and policies to the schools in your Trust. You can also roll out School Attainment and Progress Target Rules and Target Judgement RulesSchool Assessment Measures and Baselines, grades and targets from MAT MIS in bulk.




You can use the area of the system you want to report on rather than creating a bespoke report. Take a look at our out-of-the-box reporting available in the MAT MIS here: Analyse aggregate data on the MAT MIS

If you do decide that you need a bespoke report, you can use our MAT MIS Custom Report Writer.

Depending on the MAT MIS package you have, you can also:

Want to upgrade or find out what package you’re on? Just get in contact with your Account Manager.



Top Tips

How to make the most of Arbor

Take a look at our resources for tips and tricks for using Arbor:

How you can get further help

Go to the Help Centre at or click Help Centre in the top right of your Arbor site to open it in a new tab. Here you can find FAQs, guides, video tutorials, and free online training, so you can learn however suits you best.

Take a look at this section of the Help Centre for how to get started, including what to do if Arbor isn’t working, and how to get in touch if you need further help: Using Arbor, the Help Centre and the Community


Where can I give feedback?

The Arbor Roadmap shows you what we’re working on now, what’s coming up next, and those shiny new features and enhancements we’re looking to release a bit further down the road. If you have feedback you can see how to submit this here: Our Product Roadmap and how to submit feedback

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