InVentry and Arbor Integration

Setting up the integration

We have a two-way integration with InVentry, which means when students sign into InVentry, their attendance marks appear in lesson registers on Arbor. Please note that at the current time, attendance will only be written back for Lesson registers - Club, Interventions, Internal Exclusion and Trip registers cannot be written back to.

You can see how to set up the integration here: Setting up and managing third-party API integrations in Arbor

Top Tip: Arbor Support will not be able to provide a Customer ID or Full MIS Register key, as this is not needed to set up the integration on Arbor's side. Please contact Inventry.

How does the integration work?


Setting up the integration means Inventry can sync staff details from Arbor into Inventry, so you can monitor staff attendance on site in Inventry.

However, this will not write staff attendance back into Arbor. You can see further details: Can we record staff attendance in Arbor?


The student is signed in on Inventry. An attendance mark is added to the lesson in Arbor that takes place at that time. For example, if someone was late and arrived at 11:05, they would have an L mark applied to whichever lesson they have at that time.

It will not add any attendance marks for the lessons before this time. As the student isn't present, the teacher would have likely marked them as N (Absent).

Marks from InVentry cannot be applied to roll call attendance directly. What determines whether a mark counts as the student's statutory AM or PM mark depends on the roll call time the mark overlaps with. 

If the student arrives after your roll call period has ended, they would be considered Absent for AM roll call. You can see more information about how roll call works here: Roll Call Times

If the student does not have any lessons in Arbor when they sign in, no mark will be recorded.

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