Error 2280 - Valid exclusion reasons needed

This error is relating to the reason you've used when recording a suspension.

For exclusions from September 2020 onwards, we’ve added these new reasons for you to use:

  • OW - Use or threat of use of an offensive weapon or prohibited item
  • LG - Abuse against sexual orientation and gender identity
  • DS - Abuse relating to disability
  • MT - Inappropriate use of social media or online technology
  • PH - Wilful and repeated transgression of protective measures in place to protect public health

This means that if you use these new exclusion reasons for exclusions that took place prior to September 2020, you will have an error in your census.


To fix this error, you'll need to change the reason to the most appropriate reason that existed for use when the exclusion took place.

Go to Students > Behaviour > Permanent exclusions or Suspensions. Set the date in the filters back to the last academic year and you'll see the exclusion that needs amending.



Here you can see the reason recorded, which should not be used in this time frame. Click the exclusion. Click Edit in the slide over.



Click the X to remove the incorrect exclusion reason, and select the appropriate one in the drop-down menu. Then click Save Changes.



Remember to regenerate your census to see that the error has been cleared!


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