How staff can view their own professional development and add objectives

Viewing all my professional development

  • You can see all your ongoing and completed objectives, appraisals, observations and training courses from My Items > My Professional Development. You don't need any additional permissions to do this.
  • You won't be able to see your Professional Development section on your own staff profile, unless you have permission to see all staff's professional development. See the permissions here.

Click an item to view more information or add evidence. You can also add new objectives for yourself here.




To view just your objectives, you can go to School > All Staff > Staff Development > Objectives.

Add a new objective for yourself by clicking the green Create new objective button, or select an existing objective to view more information.



In the slide over, add attachments or click Edit to edit it.



You can then edit the objective details or delete the objective.




To view just your appraisals, you can go to School > All Staff > Staff Development > Appraisals.

You aren't able to add a new appraisal for yourself, but you can select an existing appraisal to view more information.



When you click More information you'll be taken to the appraisal overview. You won't be able to complete or delete the appraisal as your appraiser will need to do this, but you can upload attachments and see all your professional development.

Select an objective to add evidence, edit it or add comments by clicking Review objective. Only your appraiser will be able to add an outcome e.g. met.



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